Non-State Actors Alliance

The CSO Capabilities

The CSO Capabilities work package aim at addressing the individual, institutional and policy gaps that inhibit CSOs from proactively contributing towards the policy formulation processes in Zimbabwe. The platform through the capacity building strategy aims to capacitate CSOs to be independent, professional in the promotion of development in Zimbabwe.

NSAA platform contributes towards addressing the individual, institutional and policy gaps affecting CSOs capability to effectively influence policy and other development processes in Zimbabwe. The key CSO capacity gaps are well documented in recent studies. A key focus of the platform will be addressing CSO capacity gaps in research, advocacy, programme and project management. Emphasis will be given on project cycle management, financial management technics and CSO sustainability. CSOs in Zimbabwe need to improve on project cycle management, which includes putting in place effective systems for project identification, implementation monitoring and evaluation.

The NSAA acknowledges on-going efforts by NGOs and the Church to develop a self-regulatory mechanism through adopting a code of conduct with a strong enforcement system. The adoption and the legal enforcement of the code of conduct would demonstrate that CSOs in Zimbabwe are committed to transparency, accountability, and integrity in their internal operations as there will be a common set of fundamental principles, operational principles and standards guiding their actions and management. Thus setting up of a self-regulatory system will strengthen the institutional framework for corporate governance for the NGO sector.

The Cluster is led by the Womens Coalition of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.