Non-State Actors Alliance

CSO Coordination Mechanisms

Civil Society in Zimbabwe recognise the importance of having sound coordination mechanisms in place. These assist in facilitating consensus-building processes, capacity building and advocacy amongst CSOs within their clusters. NSAA platform will foster improved CSO coordination at the national, provincial and local levels through consolidating on existing spaces and platforms, which partners can readily access. At national level NSAA, working with the HOCs forums, shall establish the Cluster Coordination mechanism, as the key entry point to strengthening coordination of thematic and issue based networks.

NSAA platform will extend support to inter and intra CSO consensus building meetings on identified policy issues and their interface with the policy makers at all spheres of government. The partners will leverage and expand on the work of existing spaces for CSO coordination outside the HOCs on a wide array of issues within their control and influence.

It is expected that dialogue will strengthen the capacity of communities, CSOs and policy makers to engage on policy issues. In the short term it will enhance inter and intra CSO multi sector coordination and sound networking at district, provincial and national levels. In the medium to long term, the action will ensure that CSOs are well equipped to mobilize communities to proactively and effectively respond to developmental actions that protect and promote the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable groups and other challenges and changes in Zimbabwe, SADC and globally.

The Cluster is led by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and NASCOH.