Non-State Actors Alliance

What We Do

The Non State Actors Apex Alliance (NSAA) is a CSO coordination and networking framework in order to address underlying constraints inhibiting Non State Actors from effectivelt responding to the social, economic and political development challenges in Zimbabwe. The platform is designed to strengthen the collective capacities of the CSOs in their role as stakeholders in national development; building on strategic and comparative advantages of each CSO's thematic area while emphasizing multistakeholder  partnerships to increase the impact of individual results into collective  development results.

While acknowledging that CSOs in Zimbabwe are well organised if compared to other countris in the region and on the continent, the platform realises that their action however remain disjointed; at times compete for the same space rather than fostering collaboration leading to duplication and wastage of resources. The platform supports the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) which views Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as development actors in their own right committing governments and donors to "work with CSOs to provide an enabling environment that maximizes their contributions to development."