Non-State Actors Alliance

Who We Are


Meaningful community transformation through strengthened Coordination and Partnerships for policy dialogue.


To empower and coordinate non state actors by increasing civic participation in policy dialogue and national development.

Main Objective

To develop capabilities of non-state actors to pro-actively participate in policy dialogue, at ll spheres of government in a coordinated and harmonized manner, in order to effectively contribute towards national development in Zimbabwe.

Specific Objectives

To address the individual, institutional and policy capacity gaps affecting the ability of CSOs to effectively influence policy and other development processes in Zimbabwe.

To strengthen CSO coordination and participation in local and national policy formulation, monitoring and implementation.

To support evidence based lobbying and advocacy efforts aimed at addressing legal, policy and institutional constraints affecting the operational environment of CSOs in Zimbabwe.

NSAA Cluster Programs

CSO Capabilites

CSO Capabilites addresses the individual, institutional and policy gaps inhabiting CSO's from proactively contributing towards policy formulation processes in Zimbabwe and seeing CSOs emerge as independent and professional in the promotion of development in Zimbabwe.

CSO Coordination Mechanism

CSO Coordination Mechanism foster sound coordination mechanisms that will facilitate consensus-building processes, capacity building and advocacy action among CSOs at the national, provincial and local levels through consolodating on existing spaces and platforms, which partners can readily access.

Enabling CSO Environment

Enabling CSO Environment and Policy Advocacy CSOs are faced with various legislative restrictions that affect their day to day operations undermining the civil liberties and collective rights of CSOs and citizens to access to information and enjoyment of fundamental freedoms. Well-coordinated CSOs with a collective voice on policy, holding government accountable to the citizenry whilst ensuring that government makes evidence based policies and positions.